Progress Report, July 2003

Title of project: A2Z – Akenti Access to zetoc
Project Manager: Ross MacIntyre Lead Institution: University of Manchester
Duration of Award: 11/02-11/03 Total amount: £79,321
Period of Report: 02/03-07/03 Total co-funding: n/a

Confirmation Statement

I confirm that the project development is being conducted under the terms agreed in the initial contract with JISC.

Aims, Objectives and Methodology

Highlights, Outcomes and Important Findings from project

Changes to original award


Project staff

Project Manager: Ross MacIntyre, MC
Developers: Mike Jones, ESNW, Andrew Weeks, MC
zetoc Application Consultancy: Ashley Sanders, MC
Web Services Consultancy: Ann Apps, MC
e-Science Consultancy: Stephen Pickles, ESNW
Systems Support: Geoff Lane, MC

Involvement with Programme

28 March Akenti Seminar organised at Manchester
8 May PERMIS Seminar organised at Manchester
22 May Portal Development Meeting, Warwick Univ – A2Z overview talk given
3-4 July JISC Programme Meeting, Warwick Univ.
18 July Web Services Training Course organised at Manchester

Publications and Publicity

Poster accepted by AHM2003 2-4 September, Nottingham (eScience All Hands Meeting)

Engagement with Potential Outcomes Users

Meeting held with Mark Norman, DCOCE Project on Oxford on 7th May.
Contact made with Sally Chambers of the GLAM Project.
Contact made with Paul Miller and the PORTAL Project.

Detailed Progress and Future Plans

Akenti was downloaded from the LNBL site and installed.

The main developer of Akenti, Abdelilah Essiari, visited Manchester 26-28 March. He assisted with the configuration and took part in a seminar on 28 March. Seminar covered:
1) Akenti Overview
2) The 'A2Z' Akenti Evaluation Project
3) Akenti/PERMIS Comparison - David Chadwick, U of Salford.
4) JISC/eScience Authentication/Authorisation - Alan Robiette
5) Open forum

The Access Policy for all zetoc stakeholders has been defined and is summarised below – any licence fee is indicated.

British Library, who provide the data:
BL Reader in Reading Room (£0)
‘’ community (£0)
NHS England (£0), Scotland (>£0, but not disclosed), Wales n/a & N.Ireland n/a.

JISC, who provide/fund the server and service support:
BL (£0)
‘’ community according to the TAU List: HE (£0), FE (£0), RC (£500pa)
and the CHEST List of Associates (£500pa) and Affiliates (£500pa).
NHS England (£4,000pa), Scotland (£500pa), Wales (£500pa) & N.Ireland (£500pa)

MIMAS, who issue the invoices – If licence > £0, has it been paid?

The Akenti Root Policy has been created and includes: the issuers Distinguished Name & Certificate Authority Distinguished Name, Name of Resource “zetoc”, Full list of CAs and where to find their signed certificates

The Akenti ‘Use Conditions’ have been configured for each Stakeholder. It states: Who is allowed to issue Use Conditions, Where these Use Conditions are, Optional Global declaration of locations of attribute certificates, Who issued this certificate, Resource Name = “zetoc” and Constraints, all of which must be met.

The logic applied is: (group=BL_Reader)||(||
(NHS=England)||(NHS=Scotland & Licence=PAID) and this has been implemented in the following way.
Group = BL_Reader -> system IP check -> system IP check
NHS=England -> Akenti requires certificate signed by NHS_England
NHS=Scotland -> Akenti requires certificate signed by NHS_Scotland
Licence=PAID -> system check: “yes” in a local MIMAS-maintained file.

The above has been created as a ‘black box’ which is called by the application.

The Certificate Authority “UK e-Science CA” can now issue certificates that work with Internet Explorer. Previously Netscape 4.79 had to be used.

Work is now commencing on creating a web service version of zetoc. A course on Web Services was arranged and hosted by Manchester Computing on 18th July. A number of projects and organisations were represented including: IESR, FAIR Enough, L&T Portal, PORTAL, JISC, UKOLN, GoGeo, geoXwalk and CD Focus